What’s In A Name Part II

“Mabel” — Beekeepr*
“Victor Bockris” — Virgin of the Birds*
“Candy-O” — The Cars*
“Tyrone (Live Version)” — Erykah Badu*
“John Wayne Gacy, Jr.” — Sufjan Stevens*
“Martha” — Tom Waits*
“Pablo Picasso” — The Modern Lovers*
“Glenn Tipton” — Sun Kil Moon*
“Wendell Gee” — R.E.M.
“Mildred Pierce” — Sonic Youth*
“Alison” — Elvis Costello
“Ollie McGee” — Richard Buckner*
“Frank Sinatra” — Cake
“Cath…” — Death Cab For Cutie
“Maybellene” — Chuck Berry
“Ana Maribel” — Hot Day At The Zoo
“Cath Carroll” — Unrest*
“Carrie Anne” — The Hollies

* by request


What’s In A Name?

This week and next I’m playing songs consisting of proper names. Harry Patch was the last surviving veteran of World War I in the UK. Stetson Kennedy infiltrated the KKK and shared their secret rituals with the writers of the Superman radio program. Eleanor Rigby was a lonely woman. Bo Diddley was Bo Diddley.

“Julie Ann Johnson” — Leadbelly
“Bo Diddley” — Bo Diddley
“Stetson Kennedy” — Billy Bragg & Wilco
“Barbara Ann” — The Beach Boys
“Eleanor Rigby” — The Beatles
“John Prine” — Low
“Georgia Lee” — Tom Waits
“Roman P” — Psychic TV
“Jonathan David” — Belle & Sebastian
“Tom Courtenay” — Yo La Tengo
“Harry Patch (In Memory Of)” — Radiohead
“Isobel” — Björk
“Pauline” — The Minders
“Valerie” — Amy Winehouse
“Jackie” — The New Pornographers
“Sylvia” — The Antlers*
“Johnny Ryall” — Beastie Boys*
“Emily Kane” — Art Brut*
“Henry Lee” — Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds feat. PJ Harvey
“Alta” — Ty Segall*
“Jessica” — The Allman Brothers Band*

* by request

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

We have a difficult relationship with our downstairs neighbor. She listens to her TV so loud we can hear the dialogue through the floor. She pounds on the ceiling when the cats play. But we’re cool in person. One time I jump-started her car. May compassion prevail.

“The Neighbors” — St. Vincent
“Truckdrivin’ Neighbors Downstairs” — Beck
“Neighborhood Threat” — Iggy Pop
“House Where Nobody Lives” — Tom Waits
“Our House” — Crosby, Still, Nash & Young
“Quiet Houses” — Fleet Foxes
“The Apartment Song” — Tom Petty
“Emma’s House” — The Field Mice
“The Neighbors” — Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
“Neighbor Down The Hall” — Benji Hughes
“Noisy Neighbor” — Reverend And The Makers
“Sleepin’ Around” — Sonic Youth
“Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” — Arcade Fire
“Susan’s House” — Eels
“They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh!” — Sujfan Stevens
“What’s He Building?” — Tom Waits

Recommendations Part II

“Our Town” — Iris DeMent
“Never The Same” — Supreme Beings Of Leisure
“Israelites” — Desmond Dekker
“The Past That Suits You Best” — The Delgados
“Fling (For The Underemployed And Underpaid)” — Sufjan Stevens
“Mykonos” — Fleet Foxes
“Fairytale In The Supermarket” — The Raincoats
“Makes No Sense At All” — Husker Dü
“Velvet 4 Sale” — U.S. Girls
“Panis Et Circenses” — Os Mutantes
“Little Suicides” — The Golden Palominos
“See A Little Light” — Bob Mould
“Clumsy Sky” — Girl In A Coma
“The Joy Of Sex” — Chris Knox
“Stupid Boy” — Gear Daddies


One of the perks/perils of being musician-y is that you’re constantly bombarded with recommendations. Check out this band/song/album/playlist! They’re awesome! But it’s more than a single human can comfortably digest in a lifetime. Actually, this isn’t a just problem with music types; it’s a problem with 21st Century humanity itself. There are more books/movies/shows than one can possibly absorb. So what to do?

One solution is to become a DJ at a local college radio station and use your airtime to explore the backlog of recommendations that have come your way over the years. I personally have a text document called “Music List List” that has migrated to every computer I’ve owned since 1999, which is three pages of poorly organized, grammatically incoherent things to check out. Interpreting this document is an act of archeological excavation. Sometimes there’s just a cryptic single word, like “Direlo.” Is that a song? An artist? What?

I can no longer recall where most of these items on the list came from. I read a record review somewhere or heard a snippet on the radio or in a record store. Who knows? Well, today we get out the shovel and dig.

“Stranger In A Strange Land” — Cap and Lain
“Outer Space” — John Maus
“Dumpster Baby” — John Maus
“Do You Believe In Love” — Holy Shit
“Deep In Dusk” — Holy Shit
“Some Kind Of Vandal” — Holy Shit
“1967 Rare Acetate” — Lord Fuzz
“Drunk Girls” — LCD Soundsystem
“Catch Them All” — Headlights
“The Two Of Us” — Sister Vanilla
“Important For China” — hollAnd
“It Gets More Blue” — Girlpool
“Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” — Aretha Franklin
“The Inkadies” — John White
“Girls” — Eleni Mandell
“Gentleman” — Afghan Whigs


Japanese rock and roll is a little off my radar, but over the last year I’ve discovered a handful of songs by bands like Shonen Knife and Pizzicato Five that I like. And I saw Kill Bill so I’m familiar with the’s. Using that as a J-rock-research launch pad, I perused some Spotify playlists and online articles and came up with today’s selection of cool Japanese rock music.

“Twiggy Twiggy” — Pizzicato Five
“Koi No Kisetsu” — Pinky & Killers
“Killer Man” — Registrators
“Top Of The World” — Shonen Knife
“Woo Hoo” — The’s
“The Barracuda” — The’s
“UFO Romantics” — Guitar Wolf
“Dressed In Black” — Teengenerate
“Voice Of Youth” — The Discocks
“Pogo And Work” — The Discocks
“小さな恋のうた” — MONGOL800
“ロマンチスト” — The Stalin
“リンダ リンダ” — The Blue Hearts
“人にやさしく(デジタル・リマスター・バージョン)” — The Blue Hearts
“終わらない歌”  — The Blue Hearts
“Spoon” — Cibo Matto*
“MV” — Tricot*
“Hybrid Rainbow” — The Pillows*
“P.S. I Love U” — Gackt** by request

Fade-In Part 2

“Cuttooth” — Radiohead
“Live In Dreams” — Wild Nothing*
“Hand In Glove” — The Smiths*
“Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” — The Smiths*
“Floating In & Out” — The Snake The Cross The Crown*
“What Do I Get?” — Buzzcocks
“Star Sign” — Teenage Fanclub
“That Birthday Present” — The Twilight Sad
“Time To Live” — Ariel Pink*
“Waterloo” — ABBA*
“Turn To Stone” — Electric Light Orchestra*
“Head Held High” – The Velvet Underground*

* by request