Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly, Volume 35 (Love Songs)

Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly, Volume 35 (Love Songs)

(Winter 2014)

Ball of Wax is an audio quarterly put out by Levi Fuller, a fine musician in Seattle. Each Ball of Wax release is a like a great mix CD featuring lots of cool underground bands and singer-songwriters. Many of the artists are from Seattle, but others hail from bases as diverse as Missoula, Montana; Brooklyn, New York; and the Basque Country of Spain. Fuller also curates a related live show, quarterly, and is at the helm of a related blog. Check out the Facebook page too.

Some Ball of Wax compilations have a loose theme. The theme for Volume 35 was love, inspired by Valentine’s Day, so this compilation is a bunch of love songs. According to Fuller, 14 of the 21 tracks on this volume are by
Seattle-based artists. It’s a great sampling – lots of variety on this record. Sam Russell (track 1) sounds a little like Bruce Springstein, Quichenight (track 3) sound like the song “Love Potion No. 9,” Joey Beltram (track 4) sounds a little like Bon Iver, Robb Benson (track 19) sounds a little like Neutral Milk Hotel. Also there’s track 18, which is my song, which prominently features a laugh track and recorded sample of children saying, “Yay!” Proceed with caution.

RIYL: Seattle, or any music whatsoever

Track Picks: All are great


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